Knitter & Knitter, LLP

Achieving the result you want requires attorneys who combine common sense with technical expertise, as well as the ability to communicate in common sense terms a client can understand.

At Knitter & Knitter, we know that litigation and technical knowledge means nothing if you don’t have a lawyer who cares about you and your case. We understand you are  unique and have specific personal needs. You need a trusted advisor who can see the bigger picture, develop a strategic plan to meet your needs, and see it through to completion. We listen to our clients, allowing us to create case strategies that meet the goals of each individual.

Of course, we have the brainpower to back up our common sense. Our attorneys have trained California Court personnel, attorneys and other professionals throughout the United States. Publications produced by our attorneys include practice guides designed to assist other professionals to interpret trusts and estates law, as well as scholarly articles focusing on specific technical issues. The experience of our attorneys includes drafting legislation affecting our area of practice, as well as testifying before the California legislature about its practical consequences.

This sophisticated level of knowledge allows us to apply complex rules to achieve the real goals of our clients, no matter how complicated the circumstances. If you are in need of attorneys who will give you peace of mind and fight for you in court when necessary, please email, contact us online, or call us at  707-469-8880 or 415-331-7500.